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Test Delays

10/19/21:  Effective 5/5/21:  Due to a supply backorder, test PCAG (PCAGSO) Protein C Antigen Plasma, is currently non-orderable at Mayo Labs.  The alternate test is FPCTA, Protein C Total Antigen, which should be ordered as MISC.
10/19/21:  Effective 5/10/21: PAI1SO is non-orderable immediately per Mayo due to a manufacturer supply backorder. Alternative test: MISC: FPAI1
10/19/21: Effective 6/25/21 Mayo made the following test codes non-orderable:  CLLDF (CLLFSO) (recommended alternative FBCEL) and MDSF (FMDSSO) (recommended alternative FFMDS).  Recommended alternative tests to be orded as MISC.  
10/19/21: Effective 7/23/21 per Mayo Labs due to high specimen volumes and staffing impacts, expect TAT delays up to 5 weeks longer than published for test UROVYSO (FUROC). Samples will be stabilized and performed/reported as soon as posssible.   
10/19/21: Effective 8/3/21 per Mayo Labs, ZPPSO (NEZPP) is non-orderable (reagent issues). Alternative test options: ZW86 (Light Sensitve), Referral Lab Code: 4885B to Mayo; or ZW242, Referral Lab Code: 0020605 to Mayo; order as a MISC.
10/05/21: Effective: 8/3/21 BLOSHSO (PBZP) is non-orderable (reagent issues). Alternative test options: ZW86 (Light Sensitive), Referral Lab Code: 2490B to Mayo; or ZW242, Referral Lab Code: 0025016 to Mayo; order as a MISC.
10/19/21: Effective immediately test code LHSVBSO (HSV 1 & 2, Qualitative PCR, Blood) is non-orderable due to reagent issues. Recommended Alternative Test: MISC: Test ID: FHS12, HSV, Type 1 & 2 DNA, Qualitative, Real-Time PCR to Quest.
10/11/21: Effective 10/11/21: INFXRSO is delayed at Mayo pending reagent availability. Mayo Test ID: INFXR
10/15/21: 10/15/21: Effective immediately, HPVHRSO is unavailable due to reagent distruption. Recommended alternative test is Test Code: HPVE6SO to Mayo Labs
10/21/2021:  Per Mayo Labs:  Due to assay performance issues, their test (TTFB) Testosterone, Total, Bioavailable and Free (BIOTESO) will be test down immediately.  Mayo recommends alternate test FFTST.