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Synonyms, Keywords
Test Components
26324MISCHaemophilus influenzae Type B Antibody, IgG, Serum (HIBSG)

​H. influenzae Antibody
Haemophilus influenzae B Vaccine Response
HIB (Haemophilus influenzae Type B) Vaccine Response

26056CHR5SOHair Exposure Drug Test 5 Panel (ChildGuard 5)
ChildGuard, Hair Exposure, Child Advocacy
Amphetamines (amphetamine, MDA, MDEA, MDMA, methamphetamine), Cannabinoids (cannabidiol,carboxy-THC, native-THC), Cocaine (benzoylecgonine, cocaethylene, cocaine, norococaine), Opiates (6-MAM, codeine, hydrocodone, hydromorphone, morphine), Phencyclidine (PCP)
22203HALOPSOHaloperidol, Serum (HALO)
Haldol®​ (Haloperidol), HALO
25579HRMSOHarmony Prenatal Test for Trisomy 21, 18 & 13
Sex chromosome aneuploidy
Fetal cfDNA Percentage, Trisomy 21, 18 & 13
25578HRMXYSOHarmony Prenatal Test with Fetal Sex
Sex chromosome aneuploidy, Fetal sex
Fetal cfDNA Percentage, Trisomy 21, 18 & 13, Fetal Sex 
22677HCG-QNTHCG, Total, Quantitative
Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, HCG, Serum, Quantitative, HCG-Pregnancy, Quantitative ​
22678HCG-TMHCG, Tumor Marker, Serum
26103HLTHPANHealth Resources Panel
​Includes GLU, CREAT, ALT, and BLIPO (Total Cholesterol, Triglyceride, HDL Cholesterol, calculated LDL Cholesterol and NONHDL cholesterol).
26285HMUOESOHeavy Metal Occupational Exposure, with Reflex, Random, Urine (HMUOE)

​Arsenic (As)
As (Arsenic)
Cadmium (Cd)
Cd (Cadmium)
Hg (Mercury)
Lead (Pb)
Mercury (Hg)
Pb (Lead)

​Arsenic, Cadmium, Mercury, Lead

If arsenic concentration is greater than or equal to 10 mcg/L, then speciation will be performed at an additional charge.

23110HMBSOHeavy Metals Screen, Blood (HMDB)
Arsenic (As), As (Arsenic), Cadmium (Cd), Cd (Cadmium), Heavy Metals, Heavy Metals Screen - Blood, Hg (Mercury), Lead (Pb), Mercury (Hg), Metals Screen, Pb (Lead)​
​Arsenic (As)
Cadmium (Cd)
Mercury (Hg)
Lead (Pb)
24860HMETUSOHeavy Metals Screen, with Reflex, 24 Hour, Urine (HMU24)
Arsenic (As), As (Arsenic), Cadmium (Cd), Cd (Cadmium), Hg (Mercury), Lead (Pb), Mercury (Hg), Metals Screens, Pb (Lead), Toxicology Quantitative Screen, Metals

Arsenic, Cadmium, Mercury, Lead

​If arsenic concentration is greater than or equal to 10 mcg/L, then speciation will be performed at an additional charge. 

25167HPYAGHelicobacter Pylori Antigen
​H. pylori antigen, H. pylori stool
25423UBTSOHelicobacter pylori Breath (UBT)
​13C Urea Breath Test, H. pylori Urea Breath Test, Ulcer Breath Test, Pylori, Helicobacter Breath Test, UBT, Urea Breath Test
25426MISCHelicobacter Pylori/Urea Breath Test
H. Pylori, H Pylori
​Testing is performed in Nuclear Medicine.  Their extension is 77787.  Use this as the primary in-house testing, outreach refer to Mayo Code UBT (Marshfield Lab code UBTSO).
22519H-S-RATHelper/Suppressor Ratio
Flow Cytometry, Helper T-Lymphocyte, CD4, T-cell subsets, CD4/CD8 Count​
Packed cell volume​
22521HCONHematology Consult
​Slide for Pathologist, Pathology Slide, Heme Consult
Pathology review and interpretation.
23106HCHROMHemochromatosis, HFE Gene Analysis (HFE)
C282Y, H63D, Hereditary Hemochromatosis, HHEMO, HFE Gene, HLA-H Gene
22522FPBUNHemodialysis Profile-Female
Post Bun, Female, Post Dialysis Urea Nitrogen - Female​
Test includes: Post-dialysis urea nitrogen, height, weight, calculated total body water, urea reduction, delivered KT/V, and protein catabolic rate​
22523MPBUNHemodialysis Profile-Male
Post Bun, Male, Post Dialysis Urea Nitrogen - Male​
Test includes: Post-dialysis urea nitrogen, height, weight, calculated total body water, urea reduction, delivered KT/V, and protein catabolic rate​
22525GHHemoglobin A1C
Hgb A1C, Glycosylated Hemoglobin (GH), A1C, eAG, HbA1C, Glycemic Index
Hemoglobin A1C, eAG​
25574A1CPEDSHemoglobin A1C (Pediatrics Dept only)
​Point of Care A1c
​Hemoglobin A1c, eAG
25575A1C-POCHemoglobin A1C, Point of Care
​Point of Care A1c
​Hemoglobin A1c, eAG
26312HBESOHemoglobin Electrophoresis Evaluation, Blood (HBEL1)

​A2 Hemoglobin, Alpha Globin Variant, Alpha Thalassemia, Barts Hemoglobin, Beta Globin Variant, Beta Thalassemia, H Disease, Hemoglobin A2, Hemoglobin Cascade, Hemoglobin Electrophoresis Cascade Level 1, Hemoglobin Molecular studies, Hemoglobin Variant, HGB (Hemoglobin) Electrophoresis, Isoelectric Focusing, Capillary electrophoresis, HPLC, High performance liquid chromatography, Mass Spectrometry, Microcytosis, Sickle cell, Sickling Test, Thalassemia

26015HGBPOHemoglobin Preop Anemia Screen
​Anemia Screen

Reflex testing for HGMPA, FERRIT and FETIBC

22538MISCHemoquant, Stool (HQ)
Blood Feces, Fecal Blood, Occult Blood Feces, Stool for Blood, Stool Hemoquant
26311HITABHeparin Induced Thrombocytopenia Antibodies

​Heparin Induced Antibody, HIT, PF4

​HIT antibody

Note: Testing will not be performed if patient has platelet counts >= 150,000.  Testing will be paused, the sample will be held for 5 days, after which testing will be cancelled and credited.  Please contact the lab for approval for testing of patients without thrombocytopenia.

22705APTTHHeparin Neutralization - APTT
Hepasorb Correction​
22539HEPLMWHeparin, Low Molecular Weight
​LMWH, Heparin, Low Mol Wt
22702HEPUFHeparin, Unfractionated
Heparin-unfract, Unfractionated Heparin​
22706A-MHepatitis A Antibody, IgM
Hep A Virus Antibody - IgM, Anti-HAV (IgM), Hep A IgM-Ab​
22707AHepatitis A Antibody, Total
Anti-HAV, HAVAB, Hep A Virus Antibody​
22730HEPAHepatitis A Panel
Hepatitis A Antibody Total, Hepatitis A Antibody IgM (If needed).
22708ABC-MHepatitis B Core Antibody, IgM
Anti-HBc (IgM), Anti-HB Core (IgM)​
22709ABCHepatitis B Core Antibody, Total
Anti-HB Core, HB Core AB, Anti-HBc​
22921HEPBHepatitis B Panel
Hepatitis B Surface Antibody, Hepatitis B Surface Antigen, Hepatitis B Core Antibody Total. A Hepatitis B Core Antibody IgM will be automatically added at extra cost when the Hepatitis B Core Antibody Total is Reactive.
22710ABHepatitis B Surface Antibody (Qualitative & Quantitative)
HBsAb, Hepatitis Post-vaccine testing, Anti-HBs​
22711HAAHepatitis B Surface Antigen
Hepatitis, Australian Antigen, HBsAg, HAA​
26034HBSAGDVHepatitis B Surface Antigen, DaVita Dialysis
DaVita, Dialysis, Hepatitis, HBSAG
22713HBVQTHepatitis B Virus PCR, Quant, NAM
​HBV Viral Load, HBV NAM, Quantitative, Hep B RNA Quant, HBV RNA
22714HEP-BEHepatitis Be Antigen and Antibody (HEAG)
Hepatitis Be Profile
HBe profile
Anti-HBe profile
HBe antigen profile
HBeAg profile
22715HCVABHepatitis C Antibody
Anti-HCV, HCVAB, Anti-Hepatitis C Virus, Hepatitis C Antibody-EIA​
26143HCVGSOHepatitis C Genotype (HCVG)
HCV Genotype, S; HCVG; HCV Genotyping
22734HCVQTHepatitis C Virus, Quant., NAM
​HCV Viral Load, HCV NAM, Quantitative, Hep C RNA Quant, HCV RNA
26214AHDVSOHepatitis D Virus Total Antibodies, Serum (AHDV)

Anti-HDV total
Delta hepatitis
HDV total antibodies
Hepatitis D
Hepatitis D virus
Hepatitis D virus antibodies
Hepatitis D total antibodies
Hepatitis delta total antibodies

24880HEVGSOHepatitis E Antibody, IgG (20171)
​HEV IgG, Hepatitis E Virus (HEV) Antibody (IgG)
24881HEVMSOHepatitis E Antibody, IgM (20172)
Hepatitis E, HEV IgM, Hepatitis E Virus (HEV) Antibody (IgM)
22736ASHepatitis Panel, Acute
Panel, Hepatitis Acute​
Hepatitis A Antibody IgM, Hepatitis B Surface Antigen, Hepatitis B Core Antibody IgM and Hepatitis C Antibody.
22737HEPPANHepatitis Panel, Comprehensive
Panel, Hepatitis Comprehensive​
Hepatitis A Antibody Total, Hepatitis B Surface Antibody, Hepatitis B Surface Antigen, Hepatitis B Core Antibody Total and Hepatitis C Antibody.
26082H2GEFSOHER2 Amp, Gastroesoph, FISH, Tissue (H2GE)

​c-erb-b2 Amplification Test, GE Junction Cancer

26080H2MTFSOHER2 Amp, Misc Tumor, FISH, Tissue (H2MT)

​c-erb-b2 Amplification Test

26081H2URFSOHER2 Amp, Urothelial, FISH, Tissue (H2UR)

​Bladder Cancer, c-erb-b2 Amplification Test, Urinary Bladder (UCB)

25244HSVZVPHerpes Simplex and Varicella Zoster NAT Panel
​HSV abnd VZV by PCR, Derm panel
23099HS12PCRHerpes Simplex Virus (HSV) 1/2 by Rapid PCR
​HSV by PCR, HSAG, VAG, DFA Antigen
23194HSV12ABHerpes Simplex Virus Type 1 and 2 Antibody - IgG
HSV IgG Antibody, HSV IgG​
25112HBRHeterophile Blocking Reagent
HBR, Scantibodies, Heterophile Antibodies​
The analyte of interest must be commented at the time of the Heterophile Blocking Reagent (HBR) request (assay for which interference is suspected); example comment "TSH for HBR studies". ​
26049FH24USOHistamine, 24 Hour Urine (FH24U)


22745HISTOABHistoplasma Antibody
Histoplasma, antibody, serology
25015HTAGUSOHistoplasma Antigen, Quantitative,  Urine (310)
​Histoplasma Capsulatum QNT AG
26199HTAGCSOHistoplasma Antigen, Quantitative, CSF and BF (310)

​Histoplasma Capsulatum QNT AG

25544HTAGSSOHistoplasma Antigen, Quantitative, Serum/Plasma (310)

​Histoplasma Capsulatum QNT AG

22748HIVPCRHIV RNA, Quantitative, NAM
​HIV 1 Quantitative NAM, Viral Load, HIV 1
25621HIVDISOHIV-1 & HIV-2 Ab, Confirmation/Diff (HVDIP)

Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)
Anti-HIV-1/-2 Differentiation
HIV Types 1 and 2 Antibodies
HIV-1/-2 Ab
HIV-1/-2 Antibodies
HIV-1/-2 Antibody Differentiation
HIV Antibody Differentiation
Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)

25500HIVDQSOHIV-1 RNA Detect/Quant, P (HIVQN)
Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome), HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus), HIV-1 (Human Immunodeficiency Virus-1) RNA, Viral Load, HIV-1 PCR, HIV-1 Quantitation, PCR, Human Immunodeficiency Virus, PCR, PCR, HIV-1 Quantitation, HIV viral load, HIV-1 viral load, HIV-1 RNA
HIV-1 RNA Detection & Quantitation 
HIV-1 Genotypic PR-RT (Test code HIVPR) if needed
23120HIVRHIV-1,2 Ab/Ag by EIA with Confirmation
HIV-1 Antibody, HIV-2 Antibody, HIV-1 p24 Antigen, HIV-1, HIV-2
Single qualitative result for reactivity of HIV-1,2 Antibody/Antigen, with automatic reflex to confirmatory testing.
22747EXPOSEHIV-1/2 Exposure Screen
23380MISCHLA Antibody Detection and Identification
​Ref Lab Code: 2222, PRA Mini Screen, Platelet Reactive Antibody
25235MISCHLA DRB1 and DQB1/DQA1 Low Resolution Typing (Class II)
Ref Lab Code:  2553, ​DQ2 may also be requested, histocompatability, transplant testing, work up on recipient or donor.
24736SDPHLA Matched Platelet
​HLA, Single Donor Platelet, Apheresis Collected Platelet
Ref lab code HLATX (2303), MISC (2226)
22750HLATXHLA-AB Low Resolution (2303)
​Ref Lab Code: 2303, HLA Typing for Transplant
25234MISCHLA-ABC Low Resolution (Class 1)
Lab Ref Code:  2302, histocompatibility, transplant testing, work-up on recipient or donor
Flow Cytometry, B27, B27-SO​
26066BBHold BB
​Draw and Hold, Blood Bank hold, BB hold
26148HCYSPSOHomocysteine, Total, Plasma (HCYSP)
Cystathionine beta-synthase deficiency, Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase deficiency (MTHFR), MTHFR deficiency, Methionine synthase deficiency, Cobalamin (Cbl) metabolism, Methyl-Cobalamin deficiency, Adenosyl-cobalamin deficiency, Cbl C2 deficiency, Cbl D2 deficiency, Cbl F3 deficiency, Cbl D-Var1 deficiency, Cbl E deficiency, Cbl G deficiency, Transcobalamin II deficiency, Adenosylhomocysteinase (AHCY) deficiency, Glycine N-methyltransferase (GNMT) deficiency, Methionine adenosyltransferase (MAT) I/III deficiency, Cobalamin C2 deficiencyCobalamin D2 deficiency, Cobalamin F3 deficiency, Cobalamin D-Variant 1 deficiency, Cobalamin E deficiency, Cobalamin G deficiency
26140HVARSOHomovanillic Acid (HVA), Random Urine (HVAR)
HVA (Homovanillic Acid)
Neuroblastoma Profile
26139HVASOHomovanillic Acid, 24 Hour, Urine (HVA)
HVA (Homovanillic Acid)
Neuroblastoma Profile
25592HEPRLHook Effect Prolactin
​Hook Effect, Prolactin
​Sample will be analyzed undiluted (1:1), as well as at 1:10, 1:100 and 1:1000 dilutions. Three results will be reported as follows.
HEPRL:   Hook Effect Prolactin (Presence or Absence of Hook Effect)
PROLAC: Prolactin (Final Prolactin result reported)
PRLDIL:  Hook Effect Final Dilution
25481HPVGENOHPV-Human Papillomavirus Genotyping 16, 18/45(NAM)
HPV, ThinPrep, Genotyping
24875HTLVCSOHTLV-I/II Antibody Confirmation (HTLVL)
HTLV Confirmation, HTLV I/II Confirmation, HTLV I/II Line Immunoassay
22592Human Growth Hormone Stimulation with Insulin and L-Dopa
22594MISCHuman Papillomavirus (HPV)
HPV, ThinPrep, AHPV (Outreach Only)​
26191HPVE6SOHuman Papillomavirus (HPV) High-Risk E6/E7, RNA in Situ Hybridization (HPVE6)


22591HTLVSOHuman T-Cell Lymphotropic Virus Types I and II (HTLV-I/-II) Antibody Screen with Confirmation, Serum
HTLV Confirmation, HTLV I/II Confirmation, HTLV I/II Line Immunoassay
22595MISCHumoral Immune Status Survey [HISS]  (FHISS)
​Lab Ref Code:  91370
Diphtheria Antitoxoid ELISA, Strep Pneumoniae IgG Ab (7Sero) MAID, Tetanus Antitoxoid ELISA, Tetanus Antitoxoid ELISA, NEPH IgA, IgG, IgM, IgG subclasses, IgE​
26016HADSOHuntington Disease, Molecular Analysis (HAD)
​HD, Huntington Chorea, Chorea, HTT
24779HYDROSOHydrocodone & Metabolites, Free S (45004)
Vicodin®, Hycodan®, Lortab®, Hysingla®, Zohydro®

​Hydrocodone, Hydromophone, Dihydrocodeine

22600MISCHypoglycemic Agent Screen, Serum (HYPOG)
Amaryl, Chlorpropamide, Dymelor, Glimepiride, Glipizide, Glucotrol, Glyburide, Meglitinides, Micronase, Prandin, Repaglinide, Sulfonylurea Hypoglycemic Serum, Sulfonylureas, Tolazamid(Tolinase), Acetohexamide (Dymelor), Orinase (Tolbutamide), Diabinese (Chlorpropamide)