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Synonyms, Keywords
Test Components
22726PCPacked Red Blood Cells
Packed Cells, Leukoreduced Red Cells, LRBC, RBC, PRBC​
24709PCS10Pain Clinic Drugs with Confirmation
​Amphetamines, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, cannabinoids, cocaine, ethanol, methadone, opiates, oxycodone, buprenorphine, Clonazepam, Temazepam, Diazepam, Chlordiazepoxide, Alprazolam, Flunitrazepam, Flurazepam, Nordiazepam, Chlorazepate, Marijuana, THC, Benzoylecgonine, Cocaine, Hydromorphone, Hydrocodone, Morphine, Codeine, Oxymorphone, Oxycodone, Oxycontin, Vicodin, Amines
​Immunoassay screen with quantitative confirmation by gas or liquid chromatography methods (when needed) for the following drug classes or method groups:  amphetamines, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, cannabinoids, cocaine, methadone, opiate method group, oxycodone method group, and buprenorphine.  Test also includes specimen validity testing (creatinine, pH, and oxidants) to detect adulteration, dilution, or substitution of the specimen.
Immunoassay screen for ethanol with quantitative result.
The immunoassay screening test for the Benzodiazepines drug class does not detect Lorazepam or Clonazepam well.  If either of these drugs are suspected, please order the test “Benzodiazepines, Urine, Confirm Only by LC/MSMS” in addition to this test to insure detection if present.
24763PCSMINPain Clinic Drugs with Confirmation - Mini, Urine
​Cannabinoids, Cocaine, Methadone, Opiates, Oxycodone, Marijuana, THC, Benzoylecgonine, Cocaine, Hydromorphone, Hydrocodone, Morphine, Codeine, Oxycontin, Vicodin
​Immunoassay screen quantitative confirmation by gas or liquid chromatography methods (when needed) for the following drug classes or method groups:  cannabinoids, cocaine metabolite, methadone method group, opiate method group, and oxycodone method group.  Test also includes specimen validity testing (creatinine, pH, and oxidants) to detect adulteration, dilution, or substitution of the specimen.
24726PCS10WOPain Clinic Drugs without Confirmation
​amphetamines, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, cannabinoids, cocaine, ethanol, methadone, opiates, oxycodone, buprenorphine
​Immunoassay screen for the following drug classes or method groups:  amphetamines, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, cannabinoids, cocaine, ethanol, methadone, opiate method group, oxycodone, and buprenorphine.  Test also includes specimen validity testing (creatinine, pH, and oxidants) to detect adulteration, dilution, or substitution of the specimen.
The immunoassay screening test for the Benzodiazepines drug class does not detect Lorazepam or Clonazepam well.  If either of these drugs are suspected, please order the test “Benzodiazepines, Urine, Confirm Only by LC/MSMS” in addition to this test to insure detection if present.
26153PCS4WOPain Clinic Survey 4 Without Confirmation, Urine
Drug screen, drug test, barbiturates, cannabinoids, marijuana, THC, cocaine, ethanol

Immunoassay screen for the following drug classes or method groups: barbiturates, cannabinoids, cocaine, and ethanol. Test also includes specimen validity testing (creatinine, pH, and oxidants) to detect adulteration, dilution, or substitution of the specimen.

Results of this test are presumptive. If confirmatory testing is desired, the confirmatory test(s) can be ordered as add-on (u-have) tests, utilizing the original urine collection, within 9 days of the original test.

This test is intended to compliment the test “Targeted Drug Panel, Urine” (TDPU).

24932PE1SOPancreatic Elastase, Fecal (123234)
PE1​, Elactase, Pancreatic
24817HPPSOPancreatic Polypeptide, Plasma (HPP)
HPP (Human Pancreatic Polypeptide), Human Pancreatic Polypeptide, PP (Pancreatic Polypeptide,Plasma)
23152PARASOParaneoplastic Autoantibody Evaluation, Serum (PAVAL)
​Ref Lab Code: 83380, Acetylcholine Receptor (Muscle AChR) Antibodies, AChR (Acetylcholine Receptor), AGNA, Amphiphysin Antibody, Serum, ANNA (Antineuronal Nuclear Antibody), Anti-CV2,Anti-Enteric Neuronal Antibody, Anti-GAD65 (Anti-Glutamic Acid Decarboxylase), Anti-Glial Nuclear Antibody, Anti-Hu, Anti-Purkinje CellCytoplasmic Antibodies, Anti-Ri, Anti-Skeletal Muscle Antibodies, Anti-Yo, Antineuronal, APCA (Anti-Purkinje Cell Antibodies), Calcium Channel Blockers, Cerebellar Antibodies, Chorea,Cramp-fasciculation, CRMP-5, IgG, Dorsal Root Ganglion Antibody, Glutamate Decarboxylase Antibodies (GAD65), Hu Antibody, Motor End-Plate Antibody, Motor Nerve Terminal Antibodies, Muscle (Skeletal) Antibodies, Muscle Culture Antibodies, Myoid Antibody, N-Type Calcium Channel Antibody, Neuromyotonia, Neuronal Nuclear Antibody, Neuronal Nuclear Antibody Panel, Neuronal Potassium Channel Ab, Neuronal-Anti, Ovarian Cancer-Related Antibodies, P/Q Type Calcium Channel Antibody, Paraneoplastic Antibodies, Paraneoplastic Autoantibody Evaluation, Paraneoplastic Neurological Autoimmunity, PCA-1 (Purkinje Cell Cytoplasmic Antibodies), PCA-2 (Purkinje Cell Cytoplasmic Antibodies), PCA-Tr (Purkinje Cell Cytoplasmic Antibodies), PCAb(Purkinje Cell Cytoplasmic Antibodies), Potassium Channel Antibodies (specify), Purkinje Cell Cytoplasmic Antibodies, Type 1,Purkinje Cell Cytoplasmic Antibodies, Type 2,Purkinje Cell Cytoplasmic Antibodies, Type Tr, Ri, Anti, Stiff-man Syndrome, Striational (Striated Muscle) Antibodies, VGCC (Voltage-Gated Calcium Channel) Antibodies, VGKC, VGPC,Voltage-Gated Potassium Channel Ab, Yo-Anti, Neuronal Ganglionic Acetylcholine Receptor Antibody, Cantoxin Receptor Antibodies, Collapsin Response-Mediator Protein-5 Antibody (CRMP5), Isaacs Disease, Neuromuscular Hyperexcitability, Purkinje Cell Cytoplasmic Antibodies, Alpha-3.
​Profile includes ACh receptor (muscle) binding Ab, AChR ganglionic neuronal Ab, N-type calcium channel Ab, P/Q-type calcium channel Ab, Striational Ab, Amphiphysin, ANNA-1, ANNA-2, ANNA-3, CRMP-5-IgG, PCA-1, PCA-2, PCA-Tr, AGNA-1, Neuronal voltage gated potassium channel.
23103IOPTHParathyroid Hormone, Intraoperative Rapid
Parathyroid Surgery Only, IOPTH​
25487MISCParechovirus PCR, CSF
​Entero-Parechovirus, HPeV, Enterovirus
26014PPAPSOParental Prenatal Array Prep Test (PPAP)
22759APTTPartial Thromboplastin Time - APTT/PTT
PTT, APTT, Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time​
22758PTTLAPartial Thromboplastin Time - Lupus Anticoagulant (PTTLA)
PTT-LA, Lupus Anticoagulant PTT,  APTT-LA, StaClot LA​
26116PARVSSOParvovirus B19 Antibodies, IgG and IgM, Serum (PARVS)


Erythrovirus B19

Fifth Disease

Human Parvovirus

Parvovirus B19 IgG & IgM Antibodies with Interpretation
23392MISCParvovirus B19, DNA Detection by Rapid PCR (PARVO)
​Ref Lab Code: 83151, B19, Erythrovirus B19, Fifth Disease-Parvovirus, Human Parvovirus B19, Parvovirus B19 PCR, Parvovirus PCR, Parvovirus-Fifth Disease
26054PARVPSOParvovirus B19, PCR, Plasma (PARVP)
​​B19, Erythrovirus B19, Fifth Disease-Parvovirus, Human Parvovirus B19, Parvovirus B19 PCR, Parvovirus PCR, Parvovirus-Fifth Disease
Prostate Cancer Antigen 3

NOTE: This test is only for internal use only.  It is active in the Lab System only – and will need to be manually entered via LOM if needed.

PD-L1, PDL1, 22C3, KEYTRUDA, pembrolizumab, IHC, Immunohistochemistry

PD-L1 Immunohistochemistry (IHC) 22C3 pharmDx Kit using a mouse monoclonal Anti-PD-L1 and a Dako IHC EnVision FLEX visualization system.
25648MISCTISPD-L1 28-8 FDA (OPDIVO/Nivolumab)   
PD-L1 Immunohistochemistry (IHC) 28-8 pharmDx Kit. Epitomics rabbit monoclonal antibody incorporating a Dako IHC EnVision FLEX visualization system.
25649MISCTISPD-L1, SP142 FDA (TECENTRIQ/atezolizumab) IHC 
PD-L1, PDL1, SP142, TECENTRIQ, ATEZOLIAUMAB, IHC, Immunohistochemistry
PD-L1 Immunohistochemistry (IHC) SP142 Ventana Kit, using a rabbit monoclonal antibody, clone SP142, incorporating an OptiView DAB IHC detection and amplification system.
22762HD-PDFPeritoneal Equilibration Test
Hemodialysis PDF, Glu/Creat/UreaN​
Glucose, Creatinine, and Urea Nitrogen​
22763MISCPeroxidase Stain
22764MISCPH, Blood
22765PH-BFpH, Body Fluid
22766PH-OPH, Fecal
 Stool for pH, Fecal pH​
22767PH-UPH, Urine Qualitative
26097PKUSOPhenylalanine and Tyrosine, Plasma (PKU)
Phenylalanine Includes Tyrosine
PKU (Phenylketonuria)
Quantitative Amino Acid
Phenylalanine and Tyrosine
Dilantin, DPH, Diphenylhydantoin​
22773PTN-FPhenytoin, Free
​Dilantin, Free Phenytoin
26253BLPATCHPhlebotomy Draw - Blood Patch


25221PSIGMPhosphatidylserine IgM
26019PLA2RSOPhospholipase A2 Recpt (PLA2R)
PO4, Inorganic Phosphorus, Phos, Phosphate​
22775PHOS-OPhosphorus, Body Fluid
Body Fluid Phosphorus, Phosphorus, Other​
22777PH-24HPhosphorus, Urine 24 Hour
Phosphorus - Urine, 24hr​
22778PHOS-RUPhosphorus, Urine Random
Enterobius vermicularis, Pinworm Paddle​
25240PIPASOPipecolic Acid, Serum (PIPA)
FFP, Fresh Frozen Plasma
24744PCPDFSOPlasma Cell Proliferative Disorder FISH, Bone Marrow (PCPDS)
13q- / -13 (13q deletion) or RB1
17p- (17p deletion) or TP53
-13 (monosomy 13)
IGH (14q32) rearrangement
Monoclonal Gammopathy of Unknown Significance (MGUS)
Multiple Myeloma
MYC (8q24.1) rearrangement
Plasma Cell Leukemia
t(4;14) - FGFR3/IGH
t(6;14) - CCND3/IGH
t(11;14) - CCND1/IGH
t(14;16) - IGH/MAF
t(14;20) - IGH/MAFB
+1q or 1q22
25601PLASFSOPlasma Cell Proliferative FISH, Tissue (PLASF)

-13/13q-, RB1/LAMP1
t(11;14) CCND1/IGH
14q32 rearrangement, IGH
17p-, TP53/D17Z1
+3/+7, D3Z1/D7Z1
+9/+15, D9Z1/D15Z4
1q gain, TP73/CKS1B
8q24.1 rearrangement, MYC

When an IGH rearrangement is identified, reflex testing is performed to identify the translocation partner. Probes include identification of t(4;14)(p16.3;q32) FGFR3/IGH, t(14;16)(q32;q23) IGH/MAF, t(14;20)(q32;q12), IGH/MAFB or t(6;14)(p21;q32) CCND3/IGH.

This test includes a charge for application of the first probe set (2 FISH probes) and professional interpretation of results. Additional charges will be incurred for all reflex probes performed. Analysis charges will be incurred based on the number of cells analyzed per probe set. If no cells are available for analysis, no analysis charges will be incurred.

Indicate if the entire panel is to be performed. If the patient is being tracked for known abnormalities, indicate which probes should be used.

25542PLHBBSOPlasma Hemoglobin (PLHBB)
​Plasma Free Hemoglobin
26254PAI1SOPlasminogen Activator Inhibitor Antigen, Plasma (PAI1)

​PAI-1 Ag, P

25464PLGSOPlasminogen Activity, Plasma (PSGN)
Plasminogen, Functional, Plasma
22784PLTAGGPlatelet Aggregation
Agonsists tested:  Epinephrine, ADP, Ristocetin, Collagen and Arachidonic Acid​
24917APASOPlatelet Antibody Screen (5543)
​Ref Lab Code: 5543, Anti-Platelet Antibodies
22954PPR-PPSPlatelet Concentrate
SDP, Single Donor Platelet, Apheresis collected platelet​
22955PLTPlatelet Count
22956PFT-EPIPlatelet Function Test
PFA-100, Platelet Function Assay-100
26161PLM6SPlateletMapping ADP on TEG6S

PLM, PLM6S, Platelet Mapping


24998PMLSOPML/RARA Quantitative, PCR (PMLR)
​Lab Ref Code:  84114, (15;17)(q22;q12), Acute myeloid leukemia (AML), Acute promyelocytic leukemia (APL), AML (acute myeloid leukemia), AMPL, APL minimum residual disease, PCR, PML/RARA
25534MISCPML-RARA Translocation, t(15;17) by RT-PCR, Quantitative (2002871)
AMPL' APL, APL MRD, APL Post-consolidation therapy testing, PML-RARA fusion types, A, B, B variant, PML-RARA long, short, variable types, PML-RARA S, L, V forms, PML_RARA fusion types, Quantitative PML, t(15;17)
22958PNH-FCPNH-Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria
Flow Cytometry, CD55, CD59, Ham's Test for PNH, Sucrose Hemolysis Test​
25060POLIOSOPoliovirus (Types 1, 3) Antibodies, Neutralization (FPOLO)
Polio Immune Status Panel, Polio Vaccine Response, Poliovirus
​Polio 1, 3 Titers
22959MISCPolymyositis Antibody (PM-1) (FPM1)
​Ref Lab Code: 90192, Antibody to PM-1, PM-1 Antibody, Polymyositis Associated Antibody
22960PBG-QLPorphobilinogen, Qualitative, Random Urine
PBG Qual​
26272PBGUSOPorphobilinogen, Quantitative, Random, Urine (PBGU)

​Acute Intermittent Porphyria (AIP)
Hereditary Coproporphyria (HCP)
PBG (Porphobilinogen)
Variegate Porphyria (VP)

22962MISCPorphyrin Evaluation, Whole Blood (PEE)
​Ref Lab Code: 88886, Coproporphyrin, Erythrocyte Porphyrin, Erythropoietic Protoporphyria (EPP), Free Erythrocyte Porphyrin (FEP), Heptacarboxyl Porphyrin, Pentacarboxyl Porphyrin, Protoporphyrin, Protoporphyrins, Total, Erythrocytes, RBC Porphyrins, Red Blood Cell Porphyrins, Uroporphyrin, Hexacarboxyl Porphyrin, Congenital Erythropoietic Porphyria (CEP)
23105PORPHUPorphyrins, Quantitative, 24 Hr Urine (PQNU)
​Ref Lab Code: 8562, Acute Intermittent Porphyria (AIP), Congenital Erythropoietic Porphyria (CEP), Coproporphyrin,
Heptacarboxyl Porphyrin, Hereditary Coproporphyria (HCP), Hexacarboxyl Porphyrin, PBG (Porphobilinogen),
Pentacarboxyl Porphyrin, Porphobilinogen (PBG), Porphyria Cutanea Tarda (PCT), Porphyrins, Fractionation, Urine Uroporphyrin, Variegate Porphyria (VP)
25003POSACSOPosaconazole, Serum (POSA)
​Lab Ref Code:  89591, Noxafil (Posaconazole), Posaconazole (Noxafil)
K​, i-Stat Potassium
22963K-OPotassium, Other
K-Other, Body Fluid Potassium​
22965K-24HPotassium, Urine 24 Hour
22966K-RUPotassium, Urine Random
Potassium-Rand Ur​
Thyroxine-binding prealbumin, transthyretin, PAB​
24816PGABSOPregabalin (PGN)
22968PGSERPregnancy Test, Stat
Pregnancy, HCG, Rapid​
22969PGQLPregnancy Test, Urine Qualitative
Rapid Slide Pregnancy Test, HCG, Urine, Qualitative​
25298PREGNSOPregnenolone, Serum (PREGN)
22972PRIMSOPrimidone (101)
26035PRIONSOPrion Disease (CJD), CSF Panel
22973PROCSOProcainamide and  NAPA (PA)
​Ref Lab Code: 8683, Procainamide, NAPA, Pronestyl, N-Acetyl Procainamide
​N-Acetyl Procainamide, N-acetylprocainamide
25166PCTProcalcitonin, Serum
25679PINPSOProcollagen I Intact N-Terminal, Serum (PINP)
23352PROINSOProinsulin, Plasma (PINS)
25540PROLSOProlaris Prostate, Tissue
​Prostate Cancer Screen
22978MISCPropoxyphene, Serum (084756)
​Darvocet-N, Darvon
25486FPGD2SOProstaglandin D2 (FD2PG)
22980MISCProstatic Acid Phosphatase, Immunoassay (PACP)
​Ref Lab Code: 8019, Acid Phosphatase, Prostatic Isoenzyme, ELISA, PAP, Prostatic Acid Phosphatase,
22981PROT-CFProtein C Activity (Functional)
22229Protein C Antigen
26125PCAGSOProtein C Antigen, No Coumadin (PCAG)

Special Note: Patient must be off of Coumadin for three weeks to order this test as Coumadin will lower Protein C Antigen level. If on Coumadin, order PROT-CM.

Protein C Immunologic

22983PROT-CMProtein C Antigen, On Coumadin (300067)
​Protein C Antigen, Protein C Antigen / Factor VII ratio
​Test includes Protein C antigen, Factor VII antigen, and Prot C/Factor VII ratio.
22993PEPProtein electrophoresis (PEP), Serum
PEP, Protein electrophoresis - Blood​
Total protein, Albumin, Alpha-1, Alpha-2, Beta, and Gamma globulins​
22984PROTSFProtein S Activity (Functional)
Protein S, Functional​
22230Protein S Antigen
22985PROTSIProtein S Antigen, No Coumadin
22986PROT-SMProtein S Antigen, On Coumadin (300059)
​Protein S Antigen, Protein S Antigen/Factor VII Antigen Ratio
​Test includes Protein S antigen, Factor VII antigen, and Prot S/Factor VII ratio.
22987TP-OProtein, Body Fluid
Body Fluid Total Protein, TP-O​
22988CSFTPProtein, CSF Fluid
Spinal Fluid Protein​
22989TPProtein, Total
Protein, Total - Blood
22172PROT-U Protein, Urine
​Urine Protein screen, Protein, Urine, Qualitative, Albumin, Urine Qualitative
22990PRO-24HProtein, Urine 24 Hour
​Protein -24Hr Urine
​Urine Protein and Creatinine
25124PRO-6HProtein, Urine 6 Hour
​Protein, Urine, Quantitative, 6 hours, 6 HR
​Urine Protein and Creatinine
22991ORTHOProtein, Urine, Orthostatic Proteinuria
Orthostatic Proteinuria​
Urine Protein and Creatinine​
22992PRO-CRProtein/Creatinine Ratio, Urine
PR/CR, Random Urine Quantitative Protein​
Urine Protein and Creatinine​
23123PR3Proteinase 3 Antibody
Serine Protease 3, PR3 ANCA​
25507GAMPRITProtein-Immunotyping (PEP,GAM,IT) and Beta 2 Microglobulin
Gammopathy profile, Monoclonal gammopathy profile, IF-B2 panel, Quantitative immunoglobulins in serum (IgG, IgA and IgM) with serum protein electrophoresis and Beta-2 Microglobulin ​
IgG, IgA, IgM, Protein electrophoresis (Total Protein, Albumin, Alpha-1, Alpha-2, Beta and Gamma fractions), and Beta-2 Microglobulin.  Immunotyping may be ordered by interpreter, at an additional charge.​
25508IEPITProtein-Immunotyping (PEP,GAM,IT) Panel
IF Panel (if Immunotyping is required by interpreter), IEP, Immunoelectrophoresis panel - includes protein electrophoresis, immunoglobulins IgG, IgA and IgM and ​Immunotyping if needed)​
​Protein Electrophoresis (Total Protein, Albumin, Alpha-1, Alpha-2, Beta, and Gamma Globulins), Immunoglobulin IgG, IgA and IgM.  Immunotyping, if required by interpreter (there is an additional charge for Immunotyping).
23001PTGProthrombin Gene Mutation
 PTG 20210, Prothrombin Gene Mutation (PTG), Hypercoagulability, Thrombophilia
23002PTProthrombin Time - INR
Protime, PT, INR​, i-Stat PT/INR, CSPT, CS PT, Code Stroke PT, Code Stroke Protime
22643MISCProtoporphyrins, Fractionation, Erythrocytes (PPFE)
EPP (Erythropoietic Protoporphyria), Erythropoietic Protoporphyria, Free Protoporphyrin, Zinc Protoporphyrin
23003MISCProtriptyline (110)
23004PSA-FPSA, Free & Total
Prostate Specific Antigen, Free & Total​
Total Prostate Specific Antigen , Free Prostate Specific Antigen​
23005PSAPSA, Total
Prostate Specific Antigen, Total​
24892PCHOTSOPseudocholinesterase, Total (PCHE1)
Cholinesterase (Pseudo), Total,  Serum Cholinesterase (Pseudochol), Butyrylcholinesterase
25117PTH-OPTH, Intact - Other Fluids
FNA, Fine Needle Aspirate, Parathyroid Hormone, Fluid, Cyst, PTH​
22925INT-PTHPTH, Intact With Calcium
Intact PTH, I-PTH, CA-PTH with minerals​
Parathyroid Hormone, Calcium​
23274PTHWOCPTH, Intact, Without Calcium
23250PTHRSOPTH-Related Peptide (PTHRP)
​Ref Lab Code: 81774, Humoral Hypercalcemia of Malignancy Factor, Parathyroid Hormone Related Peptid, Parathyroid Related Polypeptide, Parathyroid Related Protein, PRP, PTH Related Peptide, PTHRP, Plasma, PTH Related Protein
22847PYRUVPyruvate in Blood
Pyruvid Acid, Pyruvate in whole blood​
22846MISCPyruvate Kinase, Erythrocytes (PK)
​Ref Lab Code: 8659, PK (Pyruvate Kinase), Pyruvate Kinase (RBC)
25658PYRSOPyruvic Acid, Blood (PYR)
Pyruvate in blood, Pyruvate Dehydrogenase
25603PYRCSOPyruvic Acid, CSF (PYRC)
​Pyruvic Acid